About Us

KMCC is the oversees cultural arm of the Indian Union Muslim League. A socio-political platform of minorities in India. KMCC has now a global presence in many countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
KMCC as front runner socio-cultural organization of expatriate Keralites doesn’t need any introduction in the GCC countries.
In Qatar, it is the oldest and largest expatriate community organization working within the parameters of Qatari Laws and regulations to promote cultural, arts, sports, skills with a special focus on humanitarian and philanthropic activities to serve the needy compatriots.

Who We Are

About Our Organization

The Vision

The Mission

The Saga

To create an enlightened, well cultured, properly nurtured, vibrant, progressive, creative peaceful, loving, caring, positive community that contributes to the development and progress of the society.

Encouraging art, culture, sports, developing inter – intrapersonal relationships, skills, inculcating tolerance love, and helping mentality among the members while living in an international plural society. Uphold our national pride integrity and patriotic fervor as Indians, Love, respect the laws and culture of the host country and its people. Above all spread, the message of universal brotherhood, increase helping mentality, humanitarian philanthropic mentality among the community. strive and thrive to create a model society for a better peaceful and prosperous world.

In 1968 September a group of expatriates from Kerala formed an organization namely Muslim Welfare Association in Doha. It was led by the late Aboobacker Sha and Mr.R.O. Kalam. As the members increased, they split into two. One is the faction known as the Chandrika Readers forum and the other as the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre. In 1985 they regrouped and formed a united entity as Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre popularly known as KMCC Qatar. In Qatar, It is one of the oldest and largest cultural groups among Indian expatriates. It is working under the license of the ministry of culture Sports. And also affiliated with the Indian cultural center, under the aegis of the Indian Embassy.

Our  Kmcc Team

Vice Presidents


S.A.M. Basheer

Abdul Aziz Narikuni

K.P. Muhammed Ali


Gen. Secretary


O.A. Kareem

A.V.A. Backer

K.P. Haris

Faisal Aroma

Kunhimon Klari

Mammu Polaravide

P.K. Musthafa

Rayees Ali

Musthafa Elathur

Koya Kondotty

Rahees Perumba

Naseer Areekkal

Ashraf Kanavath

Ismail Poozhikkal